Nature Heals

Life has a way of coming full circle. When I was younger and going to university for my degrees in horticulture and landscape architecture, it was always my dream to design healing gardens for hospitals or similar institutions. Viewing beautiful, natural vistas, smelling flowers and herbs, hearing the rustle of grasses in the wind and the gurgling of babbling brooks, feeling the softness of the fuzzy leaves of a tree, they all have the ability to bring a calm and stillness over us. Nature is an amazing, and free, natural healer and most of us instinctually know this.

Even though most of us already know nature makes us feel better, there have been multitudes of studies done to prove it. Just Googling “the healing properties of nature” will yield thousands of results. The proof is overwhelming, but does simply viewing an image of nature have the ability to heal? Although you won’t find as much information on this subject, the studies that have been done, point to a resounding YES! This is a favorite article I came upon about the subject if you’d like to read it.

Although my dream of designing gardens for anyone other than myself never came to fruition, I hope to make an impact with my art in the same manner.

A few things nature can do for you…..

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Reduce Perception of Pain

  • Promote Physical Health

  • Improve Mood

  • Improve Cognitive Performance

  • Boost Social Wellbeing

  • …and many more!

A few of my favorite books on Nature…


The Nature Fix

Florence Williams

Your Brain on Nature

Eva M. Selhub & Alan C. Logan

The Nature Principle

Richard Louv