The Story


I’m Tytia Habing, the founder of Cloud to Clover. Because of the internet and the ability to work anywhere in the world, I’m lucky enough to live and work in the beautiful countryside of Southern Illinois. The majority of my adult life I lived in the paradise that is the Cayman Islands as both a bartender and manager at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. It was hard to leave the Caribbean, but home was calling, so I moved back to my roots in Illinois a few years ago with my young son and husband.

I hold degrees in both horticulture and landscape architecture and I’m a self taught photographer, shooting for over 20 years now. My fine art work has been exhibited and published around the world and is held in both public and private collections. If you’d like to know more about my personal work, see my CV or check out my exhibition and publishing history, head to www.tytiahabing.com.


Nature itself is the best physician.
- Hippocrates

Photo Credit: Ann Stafford

Photo Credit: Ann Stafford

Cloud to Clover Story

After a series of unfortunate health scares involving several of my immediate family, I spent many months visiting and staying at doctors offices and healthcare facilities. I noticed during these visits and stays how much more pleasant it was when nature was brought into the space, whether it involved potted plants, nature art, or large windows looking out onto gardens. Unfortunately, a lot of the spaces lacked any kind of nature inspired element. I’m a true believer that nature heals, so I would always bring flowers or potted plants for my loved ones to enjoy while recovering.

All my life, I’ve been lucky enough to have been surrounded by nature. I grew up on a farm with hundreds of acres of fields and forest to explore. I would lie in the pasture for hours, alternately staring at the sky and passing clouds and inspecting insects crawling among the grasses and clovers. The name of this new endeavor of mine, Cloud to Clover, came from this life experience. Even when I moved away from home for nearly twenty years, I moved to a Caribbean island where natural beauty abounded around ever twist and turn of the road.

Not only do I spend recreational time in nature, I’ve always worked outside in nature, whether it’s gardening, bartending and waiting tables at an open air bar directly on the Caribbean Sea or cultivating plants as the nursery manager at the botanic park in the Cayman Islands. Now that I am a full time photographer, I incorporate nature in nearly all of my personal projects and if possible my client work as well. I’ve always had a great need to be immersed in the natural world, no matter the reason.

Although I’m a fine art photographer, I photograph much, much more than what I show in my personal projects. I have thousands upon thousands of images of anything and everything I find beautiful or interesting and 99% of the time, what I find beautiful or interesting is nature related. During the many long hours I spent at hospitals and doctors offices I began to form a plan. Why not do something useful with all the multiple terabytes of photographs I have languishing on hard drives, hidden away?

That’s when the idea of Cloud to Clover was officially born. I’ve been bursting with excitement over this little business since! I can’t wait to supply beautiful imagery to institutions and individuals all over the Midwest and beyond. Hopefully one of those institutions or individuals is you! I can’t wait to connect with you and serve your design needs.